Terms of Sales

Terms of Sales for all the ForestMiner products

Please read the following terms carefully before your purchase, you will be deemed to have promised and agreed to all the following terms if you place an order on the ForestMiner.io website. 

1. Before ordering this product, please ensure that you have complied with all applicable laws and regulations in the applicable jurisdiction and confirm that you can purchase this product. This is a nonrefundable product, the payment cannot be refunded for any reasons after your order is placed. Please think carefully before paying.

2. The shipping costs, insurance, customs charges, and taxes(if any) are not included in the retail price shown above. The logistics expenses of this product shall be borne by the buyer.

3. During international shipping, our responsibilities and obligations will be transferred accordingly with the definitions of Incoterms used in the order. In case of any accident, we could claim compensation from the insurance company on your behalf at your request. instead, we will not bear any costs outside of our responsibilities and obligations.

4. You must read the set-up instruction carefully before using this product to ensure the product can be operated in proper conditions environment. The warranty does not apply to any costs, repairs, or services caused by any use other than normal use, or damage resulting from current surge, water damages, abuse, accidents, fire, flood, overclocking, unauthorized alterations, or improper installation or use with products not approved or instructed by the Seller.

5. The correct operating posture of Forest EPU 1-C is upright (power supply downward), or horizontal, as shown in the product picture. Wrong placement, for example, when the machine has been placed upright, and the PSU is upward, will cause the chip silicone oil to seep out and damage the machine.