About ForestMiner

The core team of ForestMiner was established in 2019, the members are all from top chip design companies all over the world.
According to the operating characteristics of the ETHash algorithm, the technical team deeply optimized the chip micro-architecture and improved the chip memory access bandwidth.
After 3 years of striving for excellence in extremely hard and bitter, the ForestMiner chip was successfully developed. The single ForestMiner chip's hashrate on the ETHash algorithm reached a record level of 130MHash/s which exceed the greatest graphics card Nvida GTX3090 Ti, this makes ForestMiner undoubtedly the most powerful ETH miner.
In the meantime, the technical team innovatively solved the substrate warpage problem of large chip packages that have plagued the industry for many years and greatly improved the soldering yield. Through the integrated optimization technology of software and hardware, the system stability greatly exceeds the solutions currently on the market.

Reviews From
Most Famous

We have just received a review from TechMagnet —— a tech&sience channel that has more than one million followers on the internet. The review video already got 24K views and getting even more attention on their Tiktok channel. Let's find out what he thinks about ForestMiner and Forest EPU 1-C!

Review From Most Popular Crypto Channel VoskCoin

VoskCoin is undoubtedly the most popular crypto content youtube channel all around the world. VoskCoin reviews popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as miners of those coins. The goal of this channel is to review all the miners in this world and we sent him a ForestMiner, let's see what he thinks about our product Forest EPU 1-C!

Review From
Official Distributor

As one of the largest North American miner stores, BT-Miners is known for its efficient and high-quality after-sales service and deep understanding of the capital market and blockchain industry. BT-Miners has released a review video of Forest EPU 1-C, purchased a number of our equipment and became our distributor. If you want to get some ForestMiner and you are more familiar with BT-Miners, feel free and go ask them!

30 Days Earning
Review From JimmyisPromo

As one of the more professional Ethereum mining rig channels, Jimmy from JimmyisPromo has finished a full test of our latest Ethereum Processing Unit Forest EPU 1-C in June. He has just released a 30 days earning review, click in and find out how much does a single Forest EPU 1-C made within 30 days!

Review From
Official Distributor

BlokForge is a U.S.-based ASIC mining hardware and related services warehouse offering competitive prices for all types of cryptocurrency mining hardware. It's acted as the official Canaan distributor since 2017. BlokForge became an Official Distributor of ForestMiner and released a review video of Forest EPU 1-C. If you are in the U.S and prefer to talk to someone native, then go ask BlokForge!

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Our Unique Advantages

Unique Design and Constant Optimization

We created the entire architecture of the ForestMiner ETHash ASIC chips and we continually optimize it. This makes ForestMiner even more powerful and efficient in the near future.

Rich Experience In Mining Operations

For 12+ years our team members have worked in the blockchain industry. This gives ForestMiner a very deep understanding of mining operations and the blockchain industry.

We Manufacture ForestMiner

We are the designers of the ForestMiner ETHash mining ASIC, we are also the manufacturer of the Forest EPU. The end-to-end whole industry chain model allows us to better control the product.

Short Term Delivery
We Don't Sell 'Air'

We deliver what we promise. We see so many people desperately waiting for their pre-orders. We are just a group of engineers and we won't allow this to happen to our customers.